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Lleida information


Sport lovers are rewarded with a wide array of both municipal and private sport facilities which welcome elite sports people and sports-minded citizens.

Lleida is also provided with a golf course: Raïmat Golf Club. The Club is an example of the city's sport life as well as of the citizens' preference for a sport which is environmentally friendly.

There are also several tennis courts and clubs, two horse-riding clubs, a football stadium, an athletics track and some sports complexes scattered around the city.

Sport and nature

You can also discover the beauty of Lleida by means of different sporting activities which can be done in a natural lush setting full of different shades.

Angling can be an unforgettable experience. In the city's surrounding area, there are unbeatable angling spots where you can do all sorts of fishing varieties.

If you feel like, you can go hot-air ballooning and fly over the city in a hot-air balloon, or enjoy the "Horta" landscape (irrigated area) cycling along tourist-cycling tracks around the city.


Lleida Motor Racing Team Club
Lleida Motor Racing Team is a local club intended to promote and develop motoring.

Unió Esportiva Lleida
Football club in the second B division of the Spanish professional football league. Its female handball section is in the highest category: the honour division.

Lleida Llista Blava
Roller hockey club in the honour division, the highest Spanish hockey category, and in European competitions.

Caprabo Lleida
Basketball club in the ACB league, the first Spanish basketball category, and in the European Uleb Cup.

Raimat Golf Club
It is an 18-hole course and it is provided with a sports area which features a swimming pool.

Pitch & Putt Lleida
It is an 18-hole short distance course. It is ideal to start playing golf.

Champion Horse - Club Esportiu
It is an important horse-riding club with professional facilities for doing different disciplines and which can be used as stables. It is the venue of national and international competitions and tournaments. It has been given the 2002 Award for the Best Sports Facility (Generalitat de Catalunya).


Unió Esportiva Lleida
Travessera Doctor Fleming, s/n
25006 Lleida
Tel: +34 973 72 77 97

Raimat Golf Club
Afores, s/n
25111 Raimat (Lleida)
Tel: +34 973 73 75 40

Lleida Llista Blava
Pavellón 11 de Setembre
Avda. Onze de Setembre, s/n
Tel: +34 973 24 79 40

Pitch & Putt Lleida
Camino dels Fondos, s/n
Tel: +34 666 002 433

Caprabo Lleida
Pavellón Barris Nord
Carretera Corbins / Baró de
Maials, s/n
Tel: +34 973 21 24 37

Champion Horse-Club Esportiu
Pla de la Cerdera
25110 Alpicat
Tel: +34 973 73 78 63

Associació Lleidatana d'Handbol
Ctra. d'Osca, s/n
25006 Lleida
Tel: +34 973 24 55 37

Sícoris Club
Sícoris, 45
25001 Lleida
Tel: +34 973 20 43 29

Club d'Automobilisme Escuderia Lleida
Av. d'Alacant, 11 - 3r
25001 Lleida
Tel: +34 973 21 04 25

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