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Lleida information

The modernist city

A wide range of Lleida's buildings have a Modernist imprint. Many of them have undergone recent restoration which has given them back their original splendour.

Teatre Municipal de l'Escorxador)
This architectural complex, built by architect Francesc de Paula Morera i Gatell, is the most important example of Modernist architecture in Lleida. It became part of the city's industrial heritage and captured the new way of thinking at the beginning of the 20th century. As years went by, the work by architect Morera went through different changes and it was finally finished in 1984. From this moment its restoration and refurbishing were started so that it could be used as a cultural facility.

Casa Melcior
It is a Modernist double-facaded building designed by Francesc de Paula Morera i Gatell. It boasts an outstanding oriel stained glass window, stone work stucco, fine woodwork, wrought iron craftsmanship and ceramic tiles.

It is a complex built by architect Morera in the 20th century and made up of three Modernist two-storey buildings with oriel windows. Its distinct features are the use of marble, the floral stucco and the woodwork.

Magí Llorens
Modernist building which stands out for its artistic facade. Its highlights are its oriel window, balconies and the stone floral motifs of its decoration on the ground floor.

Casa Morera - De La Lira
Casa Morera, built in 1922, is, because of its originality, a unique model of Catalan Modernism. Newly restored, it is also known as Casa de la Lira because of the decoration on its façade.

Casa Bergós
It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and its most remarkable features are the architecture of the balconies and the Art Nouveau moulds. The wrought iron craftsmanship and the use of floral and geometric motifs show all its magnificence after its recent refurbishing.

Casa Xammar
Modernist house built between the 20th century. Its front door enabled carriage access to a courtyard. It was built by Lleida's architect Francesc de Paula Morera i Gatell. Its most striking features are its wide oriel window and the decoration on the stone.

Casa Baró - La Vinícola
Built in 1921, it is popularly known as La Vinícola because of the shop located on the ground floor for years. The façade, on a corner, boasts balconies and shows very richly coloured plaster.

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