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Miranda del Ebro is a village arose in high-mediaeval times to defend a strategic crossing over the river Ebro, with a castle erected on the hill of La Picota. From the 11th and 12th centuries, under the influence of the passage of the original Road to Santiago, it begins to take on a certain importance. In 1099 Alfonso VI granted it an important privilege, which favoured the development of one of the largest Jewish quarters in Spain, as well as the trade and the passing of goods. The bridge of Carlos II, raised in 1777 over the previous mediaeval one, the Town Hall and the churches of San Juan, Santa Maria de Altamira and San Nicolas are the maximum exponents of the artistic heritage that Miranda de Ebro has preserved in its two very singular districts, separated by the river: Aquende and Allende. The festivity of San Juan del Monte is very famous and well-attended and has been declared to be of tourist interest.

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