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Sedano and Las Loras

An extensive territory is located in the north-west of the province of Burgos,similar to an enchanted labyrinth of rock, water and greenness. It is a tight and spectacular succession of canyons, bleak highland and dark-brown coloured land. A privileged region where Nature in its purest state can still be found and where the traveller will recover the rhythm of the yearned for traditional life. The regions of Sedano and Las Loras are also a crossroads where history and secular human activity have left an unrepeatable and brilliant mark. In short, a paradise where the most attractive rural tourism can be enjoyed, travelling in time through the route of the dolmens, discovering the legendary Peña Amaya, being surprised by an unrepeatable group of Romanesque churches, savouring several delightful villages and practising trekking, rafting and adventure sports in the canyons of the Ebro and the Rudron.

The lands of Sedano and Las Loras form a well-communicated region whose name has only to be mentioned to become submerged in a succession of pleasant and unrepeatable sensations.

Canyons of the Ebro and of the Rudron

The impressive group of valleys, ravines, gorges, gorges in an anticlinal fold and canyons, which the river Ebro and its tributaries cross on the way through the lands of the north-east of the province of Burgos, form one of the natural spaces with most personality, wealth and variety of ecosystems in the whole Iberian Peninsula. If, botanically, this extensive territory seems to be buried in the area of transition between the Atlantic and Mediterranean biogeographical regions, from the fauna viewpoint, it is a real reserve for one of the most threatened animals in Spain.

The star enclave of all this region is the Canyon of the Ebro: a winding and deep ravine measuring more than 200 metres deep carved by this river in the hard limestone materials of the Bleak Uplands of La Lora. A paradise for trekkers and lovers of birds of prey, the canyons of the Ebro and the Rudron have been declared as Protected Landscape.

The Dolmen Route

In the austere landscape of the moors that preside the highlands of the region of Sedano, one of the greatest dolmen groups in Europe is situated. It dates back around 5,000 years, during the Neolithic times, and the archaeologists confirm a later utilisation of more than one thousand years. The architectonic and functional scheme of these funerary megaliths responds basically to a variant known as a corridor tomb, which is made up of a circular or polygonal chamber and a long access passageway. The internal structure is raised with large lofty stone slabs, protected by an outer pile, the burial mound, of soil and stones.The most spectacular of all of them is the dolmen of Las Arnillas, in the district of Moradillo de Sedano. It can be reached by walking through the valley of the Granja close to Gredilla- or by a four-by-four following the signs.

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