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Burgos information

Castle of Los Duques de Frías

Opening hours:
July through September and Easter: Mon through Sun 11-13:30 // 16 till dusk.
Rest of the year: Contact the person in charge at this number: +34 947-357126.

The castle overlooks the vast valley of Tobalina. It has parted windows and preserves three mullioned windows with Romanesque capitals dating from the 13th century, representing warriors on horseback and fantastic birds.

It consists of a tower of homage and an irregular courtyard, plus a moat and turrets in the corners. After being rebuilt by Alfonso III in the 15th century, it was handed to the Fernández de Velasco family.

The castle has round turrets separating the castle from the rest of the wall. The square tower protects one gate, the moat and the barrier.

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