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Museum of Burgos

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 a 14:00 and 16.00 to 19:30. Saturdays, from 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:45 to 20:15. Sundays, from 10:00 to 14:00.Closed on Mondays, Sunday afternoons and public holidays.

The Museum of Burgos consists of three 16th century noblemen's houses:
"Casa de Miranda" is a Renaissance palace built by Juan Vallejo for Canon Francisco de Miranda, and contains the Prehistory and Archaeology sections; "Casa de Angulo" houses the Fine Art section; and "Casa Melgosa" exhibits the Decorative Art and Modern Art sections.

The admission fee is € 1.2.

Museo del Retablo (Museum of the Altarpiece)

Opening hours:
June to October, from 10:30 to 14:00 and 16:30 a 19:00.
November to May, Saturdays, from 10:30 to 14 and from 16:30 to 19:00, and Sundays, from 10:30 to 14:00.Mondays and Sundays closed in the afternoon.
The church of San Esteban houses the Reredos Museum that brings together some artistic treasures.
The visit centres on pieces from the heritage of the Diocese of Burgos. It is one of the few museums of this type in Spain. Here reredos dating from the 16th to 17th century are exhibited and are from the regions of Valle de Sedano, Altos, and Bureba.

Admission is €1.2.

Museo Catedralicio

Opening hours:
Open Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:30. Saturdays, from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:45 to 20:15. Sundays, from 10:00 to 14:00. Close Mondays and public holidays.

Located in the Chapter room and in the open chapels of the cloister. With precious metalwork (silver figures, monstrance, and various religious objects) documents, codex (10th to 11th centuries) such as the Cardeña Bible, tapestries, etc.


Source: Web server of Instituto de Turismo de España, TURESPAÑA.

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