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Sierra de Huelva. Aroche- San Mamés hermitage. Huelva trekking routes

Time: Two hours.

We shall leave Aroche´s town through La Villa´s gorge, walking on down the river banks, very steep at first and smoother farther on.

When reaching the road, we shall take it to the right until a well-preserved track which we must take to the left in order to arrive at San Mamés hermitage, where the festival of Aroche´s town takes place.
The track runs on through Los Llanos de la Belleza´s country estate, first, where the river Chanza quietly flows. The area is very frequented during the summer.

Before reaching the hermitage we shall walk on past San Pedro´s hermitage and many country-estates that have the word "beauty" (belleza) included.

Huelva routes

The Route of the Discovery
Route of La Rábida
Route of Moguer
Route of Palos de la Frontera
From Alájar town to Castaño del Robledo town
Almonaster- Cerro (hill) de San Cristóbal
Almonaster- Escalada village
El Repilado- Los Romeros
Castaño de Robledo- Jabugo
Jabugo- Galaroza- Las Chinas
Riotinto´s mining zone
Santa Ana- Castaño del Robledo
Los Marines - Linares de la Sierra
Corterrangel - Cortelazor
Aroche- San Mamés hermitage
From Santa Ana la Real to its river bank
Arroyomolinos de León- Cerro de los Bonales
El Rocío- La Rocina- El Acebrón
Reception Centre "El Acebuche"
Punta Umbría - Enebrales
Natural Park of the Marismas de Odiel
From Alájar to Fuenteheridos
Alájar- Aldea de los Madroñeros- Linares
Alájar- Linares through Linares mountain pass
Linares- Ribera de Linares
Linares- Aracena through the Molinilla
Cortegana- Fuente los Berros- Cortegana
Cortegana- Las Veredas


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