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Cordoba Subbetica

The southern part of the province of Córdoba is made up entirely of one mountainous region which is scattered with delightful villages and small, animated toens. There is also an extensive Natural Park. The"Subbética", as it is known today, induces rest, and calm contemplation of the beautiful white architecture. Priego de Córdoba, adorned with many impressive sights which can be admired from its large vantage point, the Adarve, is a Baroque town which houses one of the most typical Moorish quarters of this region, La Villa, one of the most beautiful fountains in the whole of Andalusia, the King's Fountain, and an impressive monumental heritage. The large parish church of the Asunción contains one specific treasure which defines Priego's art: the chapel of the Sagrario which exemplifies Baroque style - white Baroque, plasterwork, medallions andsculptures - and it is a national monument. Nearby, passing through the Natural Park and shady passengeways, is Carcabuey. What immediately catches the eye in Carcabuey is the parish church of San Marcos with its slender tower and the historical area which surrounds it.

Further on is Cabra, also with an important monumental heritage of which the church of San Juan Bautista is the bestexample. The Church boasts five naves and was once an old mosque and before that a Visigoth basilica. To the north of Cabra we come across Zuheros, a small, white, rustic village which has a surprising layout around the fortress and the most typical urbanisation in all of southern Córdoba. Very nearby there are interesting caves, some of which can be visited, such as the cave of Los Murciélagos. Also worth seeing are the delightful Square of España, parish church, castle and views of Luque.

Lucena is most highly populated town in the region and the church of San Mateo is its main attraction. Inside the church is the Sagrario, a majestic example of the Baroque style which is so abundant in the provincial south. Nearby we can find the castle where Boabdil was kept prisioner. Towards the south of the region lie Rute and Iznájar. In the latter the visitor should go up to the Renaissance castle and parish church to admire the sorrounding countryside of olive groves and the largest dam in central Andalusia-ideal for water sports. In this friendly place good handicraft can also be found - oil-lamps from Lucena; aniseed liquors from Rute - and there are also major pilgrimages such as that of the Virgen de la Sierra in Cabra which takes place in June.

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