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Cordoba Countryside

The "campiña" countryside is perhaps what best defines the province of Cordoba: farmlands where the olive groves, vineyards and small orchads excel, and softly rolling hills are capped with white villages, slender towers and golden castles.

There are many beautiful towns here. Baena, for example, has, along with some of the best olive oil in Andalusia and a spectacular Semana Santa (Easter Week), a harmonious range of monuments where the Gothic church of Santa María la Mayor stands out as does the church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe which combines, as so frequently occurs in the Guadalquivir valley, a Mudéjar stuccoed ceiling with a splendid Baroque altar-piece. There are also a great number of remains of the primitive city walls. Espejo and Castro del Río, which are also set along the Cordoba-Granada road, are peaceful villages. In the first, the towered castle is a point of interest as well as the church of San Bartolomé. What stands out in the latter is the old Medinaceli house which today is the town hall and in days gone by was a prision in which Miguel de Cervantes spent some time. Castro, wher the parish church of the Asunción with its beautiful Plateresque doorway looms over the houses, is a village famous for its young troubadours. Further to the north we come across Bujalance which has a large parish church and castle.

The villages are usually situated high up and dominate the surrounding areas. The names themselves demonstrate this: Monturque, Montemayor, Montalbán and so on. In Montemayor we can admire the Castle of the Duque de Frías which has a curious Múdejar distribution. The capital of this area and the capital of wine production is Montilla, which was also home to the Gran Capitán and San Francisco Solano. There are many loverly parish churches in this extensive town, and nearly all offer excellents works of art, such as the church of Santa Clara which boasts paintings by Alonso Cano as well as a delightful late-Gothic façade.

Very nearby is Aguilar, one of the most beautiful towns in the "campiña". Its octagonal Square of San José is harmonious and lively, despite its Neo-Classical style, and the town does not lack gems of the Baroque era such as the Carmelitas Descalzas. We must not forget the church of Nuestra Señora del Soterraño which is situated at the top of a pleasent tree-lined hill, or the elegant clockless tower. Each village has its own special attractions. In La Rambla there are many lovely churches and good restaurants. Here we find the church of the Asunción, remains of the old fortress and many potters' workshops which convert this village into a paradise for handicrafts lovers.

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