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Cordoba los Pedroches

In the north of the province of Cordoba, right in the middle of the Sierra Morena, the peneplain Los Pedroches opens up, the ancient pass between the Meseta, the plateau and the Guadalquivir valley, today one of the most neglected areas of Andalusia. A landscape of gently rolling hills where sierra style villages have been established, villages whose popular architecture reflects influences from Castile and Extremadura.

Their long flat roads, sometimes paved forming geometric patterns are lined with one or two storey houses studded wickets, corner window and the most characteristic feature of this area: large granite stones on jambs and lintels which contrast with the lime of the rest of the façade. Occasionally, as in Añora, the entire house is built of stone, the windows barred with singular silver or white painted grills. The houses are covered by double pitch gables from which long narrow chimneys emerge, the finest examples of which may be seen in the village of Pedroche. Alongside the traditional houses of the area, the traveller will find other buildings of interest, also immersed in the field of popular architecture: “pósitos” or old granaries, such as snow wells which have almost completely disappeared.

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