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Burgo de Osma: Castle of Osma

Opening hours: Free access

Castillo, El Burgo de Osma The main section takes up the highest part of a steep hill.
The northern door is flanked by two rectangular turrets.
The whole structure was built with the materials available at the Roman town of Uxama.
The wall surrounding the structure may date from the 16th century.
The Torre del Agua, whose function was to supply the castle with water from the river Ucero, may date from the 15th century.
The castle, built upon a high rock opposite the Roman settlement, held out against the Arabs and in 963 was taken, together with the village of San Esteban, by the general Galib.
After belonging to the bishop of Osma and Juan de Luna, who received it from the Catholic queen, it was owned by the Dukes of Uceda y Frías.

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