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Seville Parks and Gardens


Created in 1898 from the donation of a wide strip of the Huerto del Retiro. In these gardens is the monument to Caterina de Ribera, work of Juan Talavera and Heredia (1921), dedicated to Cristopher Columbus funded by public subscription on the initiative of Jose Laguillo, director of the newspaper El Liberal. It is work also of Juan Talavera, except for the lion that unites to the two columns in its superior part, works by the sculpture Coullaut Valera.
Address: Avd. Menéndez y Pelayo


Created during the mandate of the Assistant of Seville, D. Jose' Manuel de Arjona (1825-1835). In 1864 marble pedestals and busts were brought to this garden from the Gardens of the Archiepiscopal Palace of Umbrete and formally located in the Plaza del Museo. At the time of the Latin American Exhibition of 1929, the Pavilion of Guinea (no longer existent) and the Pavilion of Morocco were constructed within extension of these gardens.
Address: Paseo de las Delicias


This park may be considered as one of most beautiful in Spain, as much for the variety of its vegetation like by the beauty of its walks, avenues, ponds and squares.


Created by the cession made in 1911 by King Alfonso XIII from the Huerto del Retiro. Dedicated to the Sevillian painter for the proximity in which he lived and is now buried. In these gardens is the square dedicated to the painter García Ramos, work of Talavera and Heredia 1923, and erected on initiative of his students.
Address: Avd. Menéndez y Pelayo


This is the gardened area between the Avenue of Mª Luisa and the Avenue of the Rábida. They originally belonged to the Palace of San Telmo and were granted to the City by the Church, the then owner then of the area, to enable the construction of the Pavilions of the following participant countries in the Latin American Exhibition of 1929: The United States, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. They were used from 1958 to 1980 to host the Latin American Fair of Samples.

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