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Seville’s festive period par excellence takes place in spring.

The calendar begins with the renowned Holy Week (Semana Santa). Processions date back to the 16th C when the Pasión de Cristo (Passion of Christ) was commemorated and carried by religious associations known as cofradías or hermandades (lay brotherhoods).

At present during the Holy Week, starting on Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) processional parades are held in the afternoon and at night time. On Holy Friday (Viernes Santo) cofradías parade at dawn famous processions such as Macarena and the Gran Poder (Greatest Power). Statues of the Virgen son Dolorosas are decked with gold and silver crowns, a long velvet shawl and decorated with flowers and wax; these religious floats are carried on the shoulders of the cofrade. Sculptures of Jesus are presented dragging a cross and are decorated with red carnations or purple iris’.

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