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Seville Routes by San Nicolás del Puerto


San Nicolás del Puerto- Alanís - Guadalcanal - Cazalla de la Sierra.


San Nicolás del Puerto- Alanís (8 km) In San Nicolás del Puerto the Las Dehesas route begins, which can be covered either on foot or bike. We take the road to Alanís (SE-162), where we can also go trekking. Alanís - Guadalcanal (11 km) On the road from Alanís to Guadalcanal, on the A-432, we’ll go past La Sierra del Agua on our left. When we reach km 7, on the left an asphalted route will appear to take us to the Hamapega peak (909 metros), the second highest peak in the Natural Park.

If we want to go higher (959 metros), we can go on foot to Guadalcanal. Guadalcanal - Cazalla de la Sierra (27 km).

The route continues to Cazalla de la Sierra on the C-432 going past Rivera de Benalija (The Benalija Stream), a peculiar landscape because of its steppe plains.

Cazalla de la Sierra - San Nicolás.

This route runs parallel to Huesna river’s stream and goes past the Martinete recreational area which has a camping site, bathing site, fringing forest, water jumps, etc.

Length: 48 Km

Sevilla routes by car

San Nicolás del Puerto- Alanís - Guadalcanal - Cazalla de la Sierra.
El Real de la Jara - Almadén de la Plata.
El Pedroso - Constantina - Cazalla de la Sierra.
Constantina-Cerro del Hierro Las Navas de la Concepción-La Puebla de los Infantes.

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