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Feria de Sevilla


Seville Spring Fair takes place just two weeks after Semana Santa .

The feria usually starts on a Saturday and runs nine days to the following Sunday night.

Actually, the feria officially starts at midnight on the Sunday night.

The Feria began to take hold in 1846. After initial resistance from Mayor Montelirio, the promoters, Ybarra and Bonaplata obtained support from the Count. This lack of confidence at first had to do with an existing local livestock fair (Mairena del Alcor). This along with another important horse fair closeby (Feria del Caballo, in Jerez) led to doubts on the success of a similar event. In April, 1847, the Feria was officially established, lasting for a period of three days. Though it was in 1865 when the Feria de Abril finally received it first big launching. As soon as it was seen as viable, the City Council tackled as series of structural reforms making this a provincial, regional, national and international showcase of the city. The city and its residents soon made this event their own.

In 1899 the Royal Fair (Real de la Feria, name which the grounds received thanks to support from Queen Isabel II, earlier on), begins to acquire a style of the event similar to today’s, once institutionalized and fully decorated.

The City Council (1910) publicized the Feria and its popular attractions in brochures produced by their own office. This brochure cited this irrefutable date demonstrating the influx of foreign visitors. During this period the Feria was enriched with lovely floral displays, sport events, horse races and great festivities held in the Maestranza Bullring.

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