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Route of Malaga or of the Ventas

This journey begins in Málaga from fuente Olletas and continues along the old roar of Granada, popularly known as Cuesta de la Reina. It is a winding route with sharp bends that ascends from the 9m. of altitude above sea level of the capital city to the 960m of Puerto de León.

From different spots of the road of the Montes, we can enjoy fantastic views of almost the whole park, Málaga and the Hoya, without forgetting the beautiful natural miradors from which you can observe amazing perspectives where the contrast between the mountain and sea seem melted in the horizon. We go on ascending finding a range of ventas (inn) along the way, Venta Cárdenas, venta del Boticario, one of the oldest, from which, begins a track leading to the entertaining place Area Recreativa del Cerrado and to the beautiful three stars Humaina Hotel. Going past the Boticario, we arrive to the venta del Mirador, from which we will marvel at he extraordinary views until we met the Fuente de la Reina. It is at 925. of altitude. The existence of the Muslim centre of population is evidenced nor only for the proximity of Jotrón, land of Christians (mozarabs), but also for having found archaeological remains (especially ceramics) during the ground movements made for the construction of firebreaks.

Few metres from Fuente de la Reina is the Puerto del León (mountain pass). From here the road begins to descend towards venta Galway, where you take diversion to Olias route that must be followed to get to Totalan. Venta Galway at 19 km from Málaga, was in old times relay of the post horses and afterwards parador (state hotel). This venta is the oldest in the Montes, already existing in 19th century. It was stop-restaurant facilities for the travellers that went from Málaga to Sevilla or Granada.

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