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Route of the heart of the mountains

At the beginning of the Sedero de Picapedreros (track), the Natural Park, comes so close to the city that both get the join.

This is the area known as the Molinos de San Telmo. The journey begins at the most southers point of the park. It goes along a forest track with an upward slight slope, mixed with shelves. We can observe the Arroyo Hondo (stream) that flows into Guadalmedina river. This arroyo ids one of the five existing in the Park, the others RE Chapera, Humaina, Los Frailes y Las Vacas.

One km away we can see The Ols Lagar de Picapedreros (waterfall), which is arroyo ahaondo. At the end of the way we come acrros the Forest House of The Boticario. The Sendero del Cerrado begins opposite to the Alberge (roadhouse) named the same.

The height of the route is the Mirador del Cochino where there is a xculpture of this animal (pig) by Francisco Martín and made up of crap iron. The panoramic views are impressive.

The route of Sendero de las Contadoras can be lineal to the circular. Its starting point is the Llano de las Contadoras (plain). This spot is an intersection having a monolith indicator of places and distances. The yellow route goes through thie llano, that comes from Fuente la Reina and goes towards Torrijos, passing by the Mirador Martínez-Falero. From this llano starts a track that goes to Nature Aula las Contadoras sort of lecture hall) and to the ruins of Jotrón. The track begins ascending and is surrounded by a great mass of aleppo tree, holm oaks and cypresses, without forgetting some carob tree stalks, being more and more abundant along the way. We stop ascending just when the yellow route and the blue route cross, that is a carril (track) which diverses towards the righ side and along which we continue our way, descending until we get to Boticario.

At the end of the journey we arrive at the recreational and Camp Area El Cerrado. The Sendero de Pocopán starts from the Nature Aula of the Contadoras. The area to be covered is what some years ago belonged to the Recreational Adecuation (place).

Along the sendero we can watch magnificient views making out the whole Guadalmedina Basin. In the last stretch we go through the forest track that goes from Llano de las Contadoras to Jotrón. From here the path becomes sloping upwards to coronate the Cerro pocopán (853m) where an interesting construction can be found. The views of this place are the great beauty and splendour.

The sendero de Torrijos, begins in the lagar of Torrijos, dating from 1.843. It os the prototype of press house of the region of Montes de Málaga. The lagares are defined as those buildings which main part is destined to wine production, we will see the traditional utensils the viga and the "husillo" used to press the grapes. In torrijos are distinguished the following elements: the lagar, the patio, the rooms with chimneys, the backer's ovens, the oil mill, the wine cellar and the fermentation roo, the upper part of it was for living in. Once visited the press house, we go down along the lane that lane that leads to the recreational and camp place, situated on the Chapera river banks. There is a path along which we arrive at the ruins of the Lagar de Pacheco. At the end of the track we get to the ruins of Santillana which are opposite to the lagar there is a esplanade of olive trres where different activities can be done.

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