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Ronda to Castellar Malaga Itinerary

A little used road - the C341 - is the link between Ronda and Gaucin. It crosses the north west spurs of the Ronda Sierra and passes through olive groves, corn fields, almond trees and vineyards.

Benadalid lies on the left with its shining whitewashed streets of undeniable Muslim origin. Benadalid is an eloquent example of the type of mountain village the traveller is getting to know. The old castle with four large razed towers is the site of a small cemetery today, which makes for a unique picture.

Algatocin (29km from Ronda) also lies on a slope. The church of Virgen del Rosario (16C/18C) and the village in general deserve a short walk. The view over the neighbouring valley includes lovely scenery.

Gaucin (8km) at the foot of Hacho Sierra is one of the most attractive villages in the region. The steep slopes and winding streets are an invitation for all lovers of popular architecture. At the top there are the remains of the Castle of El Aguila, which was built in Muslim times. Next to it stands the Hermitage of El Santo NiƱo, from the 17C and 18C.

At this point the road enters the sierra of Cadiz and the region where de la frontera (of the border) is added to the place names in memory of the times when it was the border land between Christianity and Islam.

Jimena de la Frontera (23km) lies at the end of a short turn off on the right of the road. The village lies unspoilt at the foot of an Arab castle, surrounded by forests and pasture where horses and fighting bulls graze. The most remarkable buildings are the Sanctuary of La Reina de Los Angeles and the Church of La Misericordia.

Immediately after crossing the bridge of the River Hozgarganta, there is an 8km turn off.

The old part of Castellar de la Frontera (15km) still preserves a semi abandoned cluster of houses inside the old Muslim area. The view from there is splendid and reaches as far as the bay of Algeciras and the African coast. The village is reached by passing through the only gate in the curtain wall. In the surroundings of Castellar there are extensive forests of cork oaks, carob trees, bays, walnut trees and ash-trees where boar, fox and red deer abound. The Costa del Sol is again almost around the corner.

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