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Fiestas of San Fermín (Pamplona)

Pamplona most well known attraction is the Festivity of San Fermín, this festivity is based on the running of the bulls .

El “chupinazo” mark the start of the festivity.

Every 6th of July at noon ,from the balcony of Pamplona's City Hall, the selected official wishes a good fiesta to all, and lights the fuse of the 'chupinazo' .

The following day, (the 7th of July as says the famous song “7 de Julio San Fermín) the running of the bulls through the streets takes place from eight o´clock in the morning when the doors are opened to let out the bulls located in a Council warehouse go up to the bullring. It takes around only three minutes to the bulls to run the 820-metre route, accompanied by young men dressed in white with their typical red kerchiefs. When the bull have already arrived to the bullring, a rocket is launched signalling the end of the run. The procession of San Fermin, protector of the people of Navarre, also takes place on the 7th.
This is one of the most singular events that you should not miss if you are around Pamplona on these dates.

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