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Museums in Pamplona


Opening hours
From 10:00 to 13:30. Closed on Mondays.

This museum, located in a house built in 1688, exhibits ethnographic items from Navarre.
The tour starts in the Middle Ages and finishes in 1940. The collections represent the traditional lifestyle related to foundry work, handicrafts, clay and woodwork, games and clothing.

Admission fees
Admission is free.

Calle San Salvador, 18 31172 Pamplona
Tel. +34 948328034


Opening hours
In Winter, from Monday to Friday: From 10:00 to 13:30 h. and 16:00 to 19:00 h. Saturdays: From 10:00 to 13:30.
In Summer, from Monday to Friday: From 10:00 to 19:00. Saturdays: From 10:00 to 14:30. Closed Sundays and public holidays.

The Museum was created in 1960, although it was reformed in 1995. Its rooms take up areas adjacent to the Cathedral. The Museum exhibits pieces of sacred art from Navarra. The collection includes images of the Virgin Mary, precious metalwork, reliquaries such as those of the Sacred Sarcophagus and the Lignum Crucis. Together with these objects are paintings such as the reredos of Peralta by Van Dyck, carvings and decorative arts.

Admission fees
Individual admission: € 3.61. Admission for groups (+15 people): € 5.50. Groups of schoolchildren or pensioners: € 2.10. Admission during Easter increases by € 0.30 per person.

Calle Dormitalería, 3-5 31001 Pamplona
Tel. +34 948210827 Tel. +34 948227400


Opening hours
From Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 14:00. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

The museum is located on the first floor of Pamplona's city hall and is a tribute to one of the province's best musicians and one of the most recognised in Spain.
The most interesting is a tour of the personal effects belonging to the artist, of whom there are violins played occassionally by the virtuouso Pablo Melitón Sarasate. Benlliure paid homage to him with a bust that is also exhibited in the museum.

Calle Mercado, 11 31001 Pamplona
Tel. +34 948221206 Tel. +34 948420100 / Fax +34 948420120

Source: Web server of Instituto de Turismo de España, TURESPAÑA.

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