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Barco de Ávila: Castle of Valdecorneja

The Castle of Valdecorneja has a strategic location, overlooking the river and the bridge from the highest vantage point in the valley.

It was built on an ancient castro (vernacular structure) in the 12th century and rebuilt between the 14th and 15th centuries. It is square in shape and has a total surface of around 1700 m2, not including certain sections are not preserved today, such as the moat,the stables, the iron gate, etc.

The main gate is topped by a pointed arch with large keystones. On the right stands the tower of homage which leads to the battlements and turrets. Inside there used to be a courtyard with an arched gallery and Romanesque columns with Gothic crenellations. This courtyard was made into a ceremonial courtyard in the late 15th century.

It has been restored several times, and the original perimeter has been left untouched. It became a municipal cemetery in the late 19th century.

Today it has been fully restored and the pavement has been repaired, as well as the tower of homage. Nowadays, it holds local cultural events.

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