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Murallas de Avila(Walls of Avila)

HISTORY:The walls were raised in the 12th century by Raimundo de Borgoña in the reign of Alfonso VI. The walls were built by Casandro Colonio and Florín de Pituenga. DESCRIPTION: Built using the Roman system but with Muslim traits mixing stone with Moorish brick friezes. This medieval section has been perfectly preserved. Its perimeter is 2,562 metres long and covers 33 hectares. It has 9 gates and 88 defensive turrets.

GATES:Most impressive are the Puerta del ALCAZAR, repaired in 1596 on the orders of Felipe II and the CIMORRO, a large turret with which the apse of the cathedral is joined to the fortification with machicolations and battlements.
The rest of the gates are the Puerta del PESO DE LA HARINA (also called the Puerta de los Leones or the Puerta de la Catedral. It has battlements and looks like a fortification);
The Puerta de SAN VICENTE (one of the oldest made up of two large turrets that come together in an arch.
It may have had a drawbridge. Only the jambs remain from its wooden gates);
The Puerta de MARISCAL, the Puerta de CARMEN (with a steeple on a barbican);
The gates of ADAJA, MALAVENTURA, LA SANTA, SAN SEGUNDO and EL RASTRO (transformed in the 16th century
with the parapet of the wall becoming a Renaissance gallery on a segmental arch).

The visit includes three sections of the wall.
NORMAL ACCESS: Acces from the Plaza de Calvo Sotelo or Puerta del Peso de la Harina (normal visit).
SECOND ACCESS: Acces through the Cimorro (stout turret) of the Cathedral or Casa de las Carnicerías (The visit goes up to the Palacio de los Aguila)
THIRD ACCESS: Access through the Casa de las Carnicerías (from the Palacio de los Aguila to the Arco del Carmen).

Admission: Individuals: 3.50 euros; Groups (>20): 2 euros; Children (< 10 years old) and pensioners: 2 euros; Students: 2 euros.

Source: Web server of Instituto de Turismo de España, TURESPAÑA.

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