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Huelva Discovery of America

The mark of the Discovery of America

In Andalusia so steeped in history, Huelva is the area which is very closely related to the Discovery of America. It was from the long-gone docks of the minicipality of Palos de la Frontera that the caravels set sail on 3rd August 1492. It is also the location of La Rábida Monastery, which is a Gothic-Mudéjar church featuring one of the oldest crucifixes in Andalusia, the beautiful Mudéjar style cloisters and 20th century murals by Vázquez Díaz.

Palos is a srpuce, lively village. In this, the home town of the Pinzón brothers, the visitor may admire their House-Museum and the original brick Mudéjar Church of San Jorge, with its historical Bride and Bridegroom Entrance. The nearby Fontanilla, a delightful place which has been recently renovated, supplied the water which Christopher Columbus used on his voyage of discovery.

Further is Moguer, which boasts the Monastery of Santa Clara, perhaps the most oustanding moment of the province in size and artistic value. It is Gothic-Mudéjar style par excellence of the era of the discovery of America. Not far away are the convent of San Francisco, the Coprus Christie Hospital converted into a theatre, the Town Hall in a resplendent Andalusian Neoclassical style, and the huge Church of Nuestra Señora de la Granada, which has a tower reminiscent of the Giralda. Platero no longer trots through the streets of Moquer, but the Museum of San Juan Ramón Jiménez evokes his creator.

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