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Doñana National Park Information

The Beach

Doñana's fine sandy beaches provide a home for large groups of birds which live along the coast. Herring gulls and turns and turn are joined every winter by seafowl such as scoters. Still standing on these unspoilt beaches are watchtowers, vestiges of the past, which provide shelter to peregrine falcons and barn owls.

The Dunes

Coastal winds have created a landscape of rare beauty with sandy dunes populated by junipers and stone pine forests which have been used as the setting for some of the scenes of Lawrence of Arabia. One of its most impressive parts. El Cerro de los Ánsares, is the tallest dune in Doñana. It attracts numerous sea birds which swallow its sand to ease their digestion.

The Vera

A boundary limiting the cotos with the marshland and the marshland with the dunes, in this green pastureland visitors can find cork trees of great beauty which have significant ecological importance because they are used by colonies of storks, herons and spoonbills for nesting.

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