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Doñana National Park Information

Routes in Carts drawn by oxen

In DoƱana, there are companies which organises different activities, such as routes in a traditional and picturesque means of transport: carts pulled by owen. All routes start with a visit to the Dehesa Booyal Visitor Centre, and include breakfast, lunch or supper depending on the time chosen to take the route. The itineraries are as follows:

Camino del Chaparral (Minimum of 10 people required) - visit to the pine wooded area of Los Pinares del Chaparral and the lagoon of San Lázaro. Visitors will be accompanied by a local group of drum players.

Camino Rociero (Minimum of 10 people required). This route, traditionally followed by the people who go on the pilgrimage to El Rocío, can be taken either in the morning or afternoon. The morning option includes a tour of the Raya Real and a visit to the Palace of El Rey. One of the most attractive features of the tour is a traditional outdoor country-style evening meal in Los Pinares del Chaparral, with dinners sitting around bonfires.

Camino de Villamanrique (A minimum of 10 people required). Includes a visit to the palace of El Rey, a traditional evening meal and accommodation in a typical Rocio-style house.

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