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El Valle de Lecrín, Vélez de Benaudalla and Los Guajares

These regions are situated in a great location equidistant to Granada, Sierra Nevada, the Alpujarra and the tropical Coast. El Valle de Lecrín is 15 min. away from Granada at the southwest end of Sierra Nevada. A historical route connects the city of Granada with the Alpujarra and the tropical coast. This region is excellent for the cultivation of citric and olive trees due to its geographical location- sunny and protected from the cold northern winds by Sierra Nevada. The combination of such an enclave with the vast fields of trees turns this place into beautiful scenery. History seems to have paused in this valley where the quietness is only disrupted by the sound of the fresh water running down the streams that invites the visitor to meditate and enjoy the intimate atmosphere.

The water- symbol of life- is transformed into a piece of art in Vélez. The Arab castle and the Nazarí garden are full of fountains and waterfalls that create beautiful atmosphere worthy to be enjoyed with all the senses. Also interesting is to visit the little islands created by the river Guadalfeo that farmers use to grow vegetables. The proximity of this region is a strategic place to live since it is a far away from Granada as it is from the coast.

Los Guajares is a region where the ancient Muslim watering and terrace- cultivations systems are still use nowadays. This subtropical valley in watered bay the river Toba and sprinted by white- painted little villages where maze- looking narrow streets decorated with plants and flowers carry the visitor back in time.

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