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The Rich Lowland Area of Granada

Santa Fe is 11 km. west of Granada. Its main source of wealth is the work of the land. Here, cereals and vineyards are well as vegetables and beetroot. Another source of money is pork cattle raising.

Its exact foundation date is known. The day, month and year it was built is known because it was established as a military camp for the catholic king and queen of Granada, then under the rule of the Muslims. Here also the surrender of the Muslims. Here also the surrender of the Muslims was signed, and here too, Columbus accepted the Queen’s money to start his adventure that leads him to the discovery of America. This origin as a perfect square town. The city was built with 4 gates with towers, one on each side, that are still used today. A church was also built.

Fuentevaquerosis also placed on the Vega. This town was the place where Garcia Lorca, our most international poet was raised. This town’s economy is basing on the growing of tobacco, beetroot, linen, cereal and vegetables. Her Hose- Museum of Lorca is located. Every year on the 5th of June there is a memorial ceremony with music and poetry to commemorate the harsh murderer of Federico Garcia Lorca.

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