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It is the capital of Galicia and the final destination point on the St James pilgrimage route.The architecture of Santiago the Compostela is characterized by the medieval Christian heritage and the Baroque style.

Right in the plaza del Obradoiro, you can taste the best Galician gastronomy in the tourism parador. A tradition that becomes very important during the Festival of the apostle Saint James.

Based on the legend the beginning of this city came when the remains of the apostle St James were founded in the 9th century and then Santiago became a holy city like Rome or Jerusalem.At the medieval time Santiago experienced a great culture exchange with the pilgrims that came from all over Europe. The "camino de Santiago" is a very interesting pilgrimage due to its historic and artistic nature.

The university arrived together with "Isabel and Fernando" the Catholics monarchs and the Fonseca bishop as well as many religious orders during the following centuries.Monasteries and churches were built at that time, giving to Santiago its Baroque and Reanaissance style.

The square Obradoiro is the downtown, where all the importants monuments are located like the Cathedral. With its baroque façacade and romanic front "el pórtico de la Gloria". In the interior of the Cathedral we can find differents styles like romanic , gothic and baroque.
The tradition says that you have to bump your head on the figure of the cathedral creator to obtain wisdom and prudence and to embrace the Apostle Saint James at the principal Altar.
It is also a tradition to wave a huge "Botafumeiro" in the main space of the cathedral.

Close to the Cathedral you can find other interesting places like the following squares: Plaza de Quintana, Plaza Azabachería and Plz de Platerías.

And significant buildings like: the College of San Jeronimo, Pazo Raxoi, and the "Hostal los Reyes Católicos".

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