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The Galician gastronomy is always reknowned to be based on really fresh products. It is famous for fish and the seafood but also has one of the best meat quality, the Galician beef is protected with a Designation of Origin.

Moving on to the seafood and shellfish Galicia has a very large variety of them , the most popular are the "percebes", necoras (indigieneous and very tasty crab), lobster, mussels, clams "del carril", scallops (ask for vieras and zamburiñas) simply delicious, and many many others. It is also well known the "empanadas gallegas" (meat or fish pies), wonderful cheeses the most famous one is "Tetilla" a piece of cheese in a woman breast shape, it is creamy and fresh.

And to accompany these succulent delicacies nothing better than the wines of the land, mainly whites; albariños and ribeiros (you also have a red version of this one). These must be served fresh, they are very aromatic and fruity with this acidity so caractheristic of them that goes perfectly with seafood and fish.

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