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So many and varied artistic demonstrations have existed for millennia and still continue in Extremadura that, necessarily, during the last years the different national, regional and provincial institutions have not doubted to collaborate and develop, each as far as possible, a proper planning guided to the construction or amplification of buildings dedicated to museums that may expose and provide space for a great part of the thousands of artistic and archaeological pieces that Extremadura owns.

Therefore, the Autonomous Region has an interesting list of museums at the moment, where artistic pieces of archaeological origin are exposed; belonging to the diverse historical times: prehistory, Roman, Visigothic, Arabic, etc., found in the region.

No wonder, in these lands of Extremadura, all cultures of interest in the Iberian Peninsula from prehistory until today have been, and even with the greatly special and valuable contribution that, in the artistic-historical aspects, the Discovery of America would mean to Extremadura.

Besides all the above, the museums of this region have also been able to collect a great amount of pictorial, ethnografic and sculptural works, made by artists from the region, the nation or the whole world. And so in their galleries, we can contemplate magnificent and careful collections of objects that exhibit art and the customs popular in Extremadura.

Museo Nacional de Arte Romano de Mérida

José Ramón Mélida, s/n.
Tel.: 924 / 31 16 90

Museo del Arte Visigodo de Mérida
Santa Julia, s/n.
Tel.: 924 / 30 01 06

Museo Catedralicio de Badajoz
Plaza de España, s/n.
Tel.: 924 / 22 39 99

Museo Geológico de Extremadura.
Centro Cultural Alcazaba.
C/ John Lennon, 5.
Tel.: 924 / 30 06 80

Museo de la Coria.
Convento de la Coria. Tel.: 927 / 32 18 98

Museo Arqueológico Provincial de Badajoz
C/ Plaza José Álvarez y Sáenz de Buruaga, s/n
Tel.: 924 / 22 23 14

Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes
Duque de San Germán, 3
Tel.: 924 / 21 24 69

Casa Museo de Zurbarán
C/ Aguila, s/n
Tel.: 924 / 50 02 11 (Ayto.)
Fuente de Cantos

Exposición Monográfica de la Batalla de la Albuera
Biblioteca Municipal.
Tel.: 924 / 48 03 05 (Ayto.)
La Albuera.

Excavación Arqueológica y Centro de Interpretación de la Iglesia de Santa Eulalia.

Avda. Extremadura, s/n
Tel.: 924 / 30 34 07

Museo Etnográfico "González Santana"
Plaza de Santa María, s/n.
Tel.: 924 / 49 02 22

Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (MEIAC)
Museo, 2
Tel.: 924 / 26 03 84

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