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UIT is mighty Tajo and Guadiana river, its wild and desolate mountain ranges and its rolling plains, Extremadura is one of the most unspoiled region of Spain, bordering Castile to the north and east, Portugal to the best and Andalucía to the south.

It is an indisputably beautiful area, and there are times of the year when the landscape is stunning, especially when the valley of La Vera fills with cherry blossoms in spring. But there is much more to Extremadura than scenic beauty or the sight of a golden eagle soaring over the hills of ilex and cork trees, and thousands of storks nesting in church belfries.

The Romas left traces of their passage through this region, building majestic bridges, such as the ones at Mérida are world renowned. Caesar´s legions were here to mine silver from the ravines of the Sierra de Gata, wich borders Extremadura to the north. The so-called Roman "Silver Route", with its fine roads, bridges, aqueducts, temples and cities was the result of the Romans quest for this precious metal. Footprints and Christians who combated the Moors and pushed the southwards are also evident. The frontline troops were the Military Orders of Santiago and of Alcántara the were modelled on crusaders, like the Templars, who were part monk and part knight. Spain´s military- religious orders divided Extremadura between them, building impressive noble houses and palaces, most notably in the monumental cities of Cáceres and Trujillo.

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