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Some of the fairs, exhibitions and markets celebrated in Extremadura have been famous for centuries throughout Spain. Without doubt, the Cattle Fair of Zafra, which started in medieval times, is one of the most renowned and famous in the world. Both historians and professionals, who generation after generation have visited this beautiful town of Extremadura -the days when this usually celebrates its attractive and popular fair meeting- state so.

With this historical precedent, it is explained that in our region many fairs and markets have been acknowledged at a regional, national and international level these last decades. They have known how to be in an important position among the most appreciated and visited fairs in the peninsula, both for the originality and attractiveness of the exhibition itself, and for the organizers' collaboration and assistance; or perhaps because the results they achieve commercially in their outlets are good enough as to continue attending, year after year, the same fairs which can see how the number of visitors and participants increases year after year.

Agriculture, Cattle raising, Beekeeping, Construction, Feeding, Agricultural Machinery, Ornamental Stones, Cooperativism, Computer science, Automobiles, Cynegetic, Vine-growing and Enology, Cork, Tourism, etc. are some of the areas of interest developed in the fairs, markets and exhibitions of Extremadura. Year after year, there are more and more of them, with new fields where there is no lack of national and international collaborations that highlight these commercial events.

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