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Climate, traditions and cooking

In general, the climate is dry with hardly any rain and mild because of the winds blowing across neighbouring Portugal from the Atlantic. Popular traditions are best observed in the large number of "romerías", i.e., festive excursions to a saint's shrine, and in the regional costumes which are sober for men, but very colourful for women, especially the skirts and flowery kerchiefs and above all the rich, many-coloured hat of braided straw, the one from Montehermoso.

There is a great variety of fish and game: Boar, Red deer, Spanish Ibex, Pheasant, Bustard, Heron, Crane, a lot of Partridge and Rabbit; and in the rivers, Carp, Tench, Trout, Pike and Perch. Game and fish provide the basis for an uncomplicated way of cooking, which is very tasty with many recipes coming from its important monasteries. Especially outstanding are el frite, la caldereta (a lamb stew) and the typical migas con torreznos.

To round off this list of specialties, special mention must be made of the famous Montánchez hams and sausage products as well as of the local wines which are proof of the wine production of Cáceres.

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