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Puebla de Sanabria has been recognized as a Historic-Artistic Site.

Its position high on a bend protected by the confluence of the rivers Tera and Castro, made this town a strategic site and the scene of a great many battles throughout history.

Puebla de Sanabira still preserves most of the walls which once protected the city. Its outstanding castle dates from the second half of the 15th century and is typical of a medieval defensive architecture; it stands at a height of 960 metres on a wide piece of flat land on top of a hill occupied by the town, it has a regular plan and in the centre it has an enormous keep, which is made up of several storeys and protected by a retractable bridge.

Close by the castle is the parish church of Nuestra Señora del Azogue, from the late 12th century. Outstanding inside is a 13th-century font with figures carved on the front.

Puebla de Sanabria also has a great many ancestral mansions and homes decorated with old coats of arms dotted among its narrow streets. Very interesting is the City Hall from the 15th century, which is located in the main square. In addition to having a beautiful historic quarter, this town also enjoys a privileged natural setting, since its township is located near the Lake Sanabria Nature Park. It is the biggest glacial lake in Spain.

Source: Web server of Instituto de Turismo de España, TURESPAÑA.

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