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Castle of Puebla de Sanabria

The castle has a barrier with large towers and barrel vaulted rooms and a peculiar yard at the entrance with a second corner door covered with loopholes.

The structure has a regular, square ground floor. The multi-storey Tower of Homage, commonly known as "Macho", is protected by a drawbridge. The castle is surrounded by a wall protected by semi-cylindrical cubes. On the eastern flank there are many windows and a large balcony. The only piece of ornamentation is a coat of arms on a ledge.

It was built in the 15th century as a castle-palace by the fourth Count of Benavente, Don Rodrigo Alonso Pimentel, a member of the powerful Castilian nobility and the owner of many castles.

It was recently restored and turned into a Municipal Library and Cultural House.

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