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Ciudad Rodrigo: The Bull Carnival

The stars of this festival are without a doubt the bulls. The acts of penning, bullfights and bull-runs have a great following and many people are eager to participate.

The Bull Carnival is held in Ciudad Rodrigo and has been declared of national touristic interest. The name reflects the large role of the bull in the festivities. The festival officially starts on the Viernes de Carnaval, the Friday before Lent, with the penning of bulls and oxen. Afterwards the announcements of the carnival, in which the chief announcer, along with the queen and the ladies of the festival will greet Don Carnal.

On Saturday morning the penning and releasing of the animals, and the bull fighting, which go on throughout the four days of the carnival. But one of the most impressive moments of the festival is the penning of the bulls on horseback, on Sunday morning. The glamour of the animals running through the fields perused by a group of horsemen who drive them into the town square is a great spectacle.

The aguardiente bull-run is the act that concludes the festivities on Tuesday. So called because before the bull is released the participants are served aguardiente, a strong spirit, and the local sweet, peronillas.

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