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Designation of Origin Toro

The most important Red grapes: Tinta de Toro
Others Red grapes: Garnacha, Malvasía
White grapes: Verdejo
Types of wine Rosé, white, young red, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva reds.

The Denominación de Origen Toro is situated in Tierra de Campos, a county traversed by the river Duero, which divides the Tierra del Pan ("Bread Lands"), in the North, from the Tierra del Vino ("Wine Lands") in the South, in the province of Zamora.

The importance of the vineyard is apparent in villages throughout the county. In Venialbo, El Pego, Valdefinjas and Sanzoles, among other municipalities, there are remains of the popular architecture of bodegas. One of the larger production centres is Morales de Toro.

Some towns of Valladolid, such as Román de Hornija, Pedrosa del Rey and Villafranca de Duero, are also included in the Designation of Origin (D.O.).

Toro is currently the fashionable wine region in Spain, a trend backed up by the quality of its red wines, which have burst onto the market with their profusion of fruit, colour and tannins. The red wines from Toro have a common denominator: Tinta de Toro, a variety of the tempranillo grape, and one of the most highly demanded grapes in Spain in the last few years, for the production of Vinos de Guarda. Young red Toro wines already had great prestige as quality reds with abundant fruit, but today the characteristics imparted by the wood barrels are a key element in their reaching a leading position in the market. White wines, made from the malvasía grape, convey personality and variety to this group of wines. As well as rosés and young reds, both Crianza and Reserva red wines are made under the Toro Denominación de Origen (Toro Designation of Origin).

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