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Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias.

Crossing of ways; St James pilgrimage route., and the Route of the Silver; great monumental patrimony, important museums offer that gathers the practical totality of the historical - artistic Asturian patrimony.

Oviedo is today an opened and modern city of great international projection across the Prizes Prince of Asturias and the brotherhood with cities of the whole world, without forgetting the international festival of the Opera.

Among its top tourist attractions we have to mention the Old town, with the Cathedral and itsHoly Chamber, the Theatre Campoamor, forum of many cultural events of the city: opera, festivals of music, cinema, exhibitions, besides the already mentioned Prizes Prince of Asturias, and the recent Auditorium Prince Philip, among others. From the impressive monumental patrimony we will distinguish Santa Maria of the Naranco, San Miguel of Lillo and San Julián of the meadows declared Patrimony of the Humanity.

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