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The most important are:

The church and Tower of San Pedro.
The Mudejar style and the glazed ceramic decoration of the church contrast with the lackof color of the tower, being considered this last one as one of the oldest "mudejar" tower.

The Lovers Mausoleum.
In one of the attached chapel of the church of San Pedro , lies the mummies of Isabel and Diego, the protagonist of the most beautiful love story.It was in 1217 when tragic conclusion happened.Now a days their remains are under the sculptures of Juan Ávalos made in alabaster.

Cathedral of Santa María.
Stands out the "mudéjar" style Belfry-Tower of 1257.Its front modern was made by Pablo Monguión at beginning of this century.Very interesting are its Major altarpiece and the ceiling of carved panels made in polychrome wood and where it is represented the major part of Teruel life in the middle ages.

San Martín Tower.
Formed by two towers one wrapping the other one .Glazed ceramic was used to decorate the external one.

El Salvador Tower.
Later than the one mentioned above it is the only tower which can be visited inside, thanks to the reformed that was done in 1993. This tower offers one of the best panoramic views of the city.

The Aqueduct of the Arches (Acueducto de los Arcos)
Started in 1537, it is possibly the main spanish aqueduct of renaissance style.

The remains of the old wall.
Just a few remains of this wall surrounding the city are preserved.There is the "Portal de San Miguel"(the entrance) and some of the 40 towers of the wall ; Lonbardera, Rincón , Ambeles and San Esteban.

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