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Sierra de Cazorla. Navas de San Pedro - Guadalentín - La Bolera´s reservoir. Jaén trekking routes

Time: Five hours.

Leaving Navas de San Pedro to Ramblaseca, one km. from the town, just walking past the km. nÂș25 with a sharp bend to the left, we shall take a soft track to the right which leads to another well-preserved track which will accompany us for most of our walking tour.

Guadalentín, which flows between the Sierras del Pozo and Castril, offering a very good perspective of the river squeezed into the mountains.

The track runs on parallel to the river during the whole tour until it flows into the Bolera´s reservoir on the left bank, from where there is a wide view of the area, very rich in pine and ash trees.

When reaching the reservoir, the track crosses the river and either of tis bank can be visited since there are tracks in both banks, the left one being the most comfortable, from where we can make our way to Pozo Alcón, about 12 km. from the afore-mentioned junction between the track and the river

Jaen trekking routes

Sierra de Cazorla. River Borosa.
Ascent along the river Aguasmulas
Poblado del Tranco - Fuente de los Cerezos
Pontones - Source of the river Segura
Orcera - Segura de la Sierra - Navalcaballo's forest house
Sierra de Segura. Navalcaballo - Ascent to the Yelmo
Sierra de Segura. Navalcaballo - Ascent to the Navalperal.
Sierra de Segura. Navalcaballo - Ascent to the Espino
Sierra de Segura. Descent of the river Madera - River Segura
La Toba - Casicas del río Segura - Anchuricas´ reservoir
Santiago de Pontones and its surroundings
Ascent of the river Linarejos - Cola de Caballo - Cerrada de Utrero
Sierra de Segura. Navalcaballo - River Tus
Andújar - Nuestra Señora Virgen de las Cabezas Sanctuary
North countryside. Bailén - Baños de la Encina
Sierra Mágina. Huelma - Ascent to Mágina´s peak
Sierra Mágina. Mancha Real - Pico Almadén
Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and the Villas
Sierra de Cazorla. Vadillo Castril - Valdeazores tarn
Vadillo Castril - Parador Nacional del Adelantado
Vadillo Castril - Las Herrerías bridge - El Oso track - El Oso fountain
Cañada de las Fuentes - Puertollano - Ascent to the Cabañas
Navas de San Pedro - Guadalentín - La Bolera´s reservoir
Sierra del Pozo. Puerto Llano - Tiscar.


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