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Sierra de Segura. Descent of the river Madera - River Segura. Jaén trekking routes

Time: Four hours.

The walking tour will be very pleasant, relaxed and peaceful.

Just opposite Navalcaballo´s house there is a fountain and a bit to its right, there is a lane descending by the hill , soft at first and steeper farther, which leads to Montesino´s nursery breeding ground, nowadays a youth camp, a bit farther we shall meet the river Madera and walk down on its right bank.
First we shall walk past an elm grove and farther past a pine grove where there is a camping site called Los Negros. Still walking on along the right bank we shall arrive at the "Río Madera" youth camp.

Several brooksflow into the river, specially one that descends quickly through a vertical wall into the left bank.

Finally the forest becomes less thick willows and poplars, and many deer and other mammals come to drink in this stretch of the river.

soon we shall meet the water of the river Segura, still shallow but already quick. Huelga Utrera forest-house is here.

Jaen trekking routes

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Sierra de Segura. Descent of the river Madera - River Segura
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