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Sierra de Grazalema, El bosque

Time: Three hour.

Starting from the village of El Bosque wew shall head for the youth hostel. The Bosque river crosses the track and as we walk up we shall see a lane which goes along the course of the brook, sometimes crossing to the opposite bank through beautiful bridges.

The course of the Bosque river is one of the classic routes withing the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve, and boasts a wide variety of flowers, bushes and trees, the latter usually very big due to the high level of rainfall in the area and its location beside the river.

The route runs through a track that sometimes is carved on the rock and among bushes, usually lentiscus.

There are also impress specimens of cork oaks and willows.

The route is also the shelter of a great number of birds, especialy fringila (a genus of singing birds including the chaffinch brambling, and related forms), but also some otters and other mammals.

The route is fairly frequented depending on the season, but especially in summer.
El Bosque, part of the classic route of the Pueblos Blancos (White villages) has always been the "door" to the Reserve. Its streets, winding and narrow, are worth wandering around.
Benamahoma enjoys a privileged setting in the valley of the Bosque river. Do not miss its traditional celebrations and its hospitable people.
El Bosque has adequate accommodation facilities.

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