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Sierra de Grazalema, Benamahoma

Time: Two hour.

We shall leave Benamahoma by the road that crosses the village upwards, and when we arrive at another road that goes round the village towards Grazalema we shall see in front of us narrow lane. Walking along it we shall reach the area valled "El Molinillo" (the small mill) where there is an old water mill. On the way we shall enjoy a wide variety of trees and plants such as eucalyptus, laurels, rockroses, cork oaks, gall oaks, lentiscus, gorses, pear trees, walnut, fig trees, willows and many other growing on the banks of the Brooks of the Descansadero.

Following the track we shall again go back to the road and a few kilometres father which has a wide porch, is called LLanos del Campo and there is a popular freecamping area around it with a typical Mediterranean vegetation.

There are two good fountain along the route and a spectacular spring in the village of Benamahoma.

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