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Sierra de Grazalema, Benamahoma,Peñon de los Toros

Time: Five hour.

We shall start from Benamahoma towards el Bosque , and just before leaving the village we shall see a venta (roadside restaurant) on our right. At this point starts a track which crosses the Bosque river and then forks off into two. We shall take the one the right.

As the track goes up we shall have good views of Benamahoma and the sierra de Pinar in the distance. Zafalgar on our right and Labradillo on our left.

When the track reaches the hilltop it starts to lead down to the pond of el Perezoso.
A bit father, on our left, we shall see the Cortijo (Country house) de los Toros, against the peak of Los Toros in Sierra Margarita. If you wish to climb the hill you should tackle it from teh slope behind the cortijo.

We shall enjoy a good view of the Northen Cadiz mountain range from the Peñon (rock) de los Toros.

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