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Castellón Interior

Getting to know inner Castellón is like discovering some highly attractive lands, for its rough geography as well as for the singularity of its customs and culture.

Although Castellón is a coastal province, it is also the second most mountainous one in Spain and here we have Penyagolosa Peak which is 1813 mtrs. high and it is the highest point of the Valencian Community.

Inner lands in Castellón are attractive enough to deserve special attention. Climate varies according to the height being tougher the higher you go, but it also has dry weather as well as wonderful vegetation and growth where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the nature.

In the north of the province there is Morella a region called Els Ports whose capital is , a tourist city par excellence, possessing innumerable monuments which have witnessed its intense and important history. Morella and its surroundings have a wide range of restaurants, campings, hotels and housing for country tourism, old houses which have been restored and where you can spend a wonderful weekend or even a longer stay.

La Tinenca de Benifassa, a region with beautiful views, is well known as one of the best areas for active tourism.

Maestrazgo, whose capital is Sant Mateu, a city of remarkable monumentality, spreads till the massif of Penyagolosa, watchtower of this region, where the medicinal tourism has two models in Catí(sripng of l'Avellà) and Benassal (spring En Segures).

In the region of the Alto Mijares, Cirat, its capital, opens its door to Montanejos, birthplace of the tourism in this region, where limpid waters are suitable for bathing. Montanejos has recently built a thermal spa.

Sierra de Espadan, space declared Natural Park which conserves one of the most important forests in cork oaks of the Iberian Peninsula, and feeds the waters of the underground San José River of la vall d´uixo. Its modern facilities receive lots of visitors all year round, and they can enjoy a boat route inside the caverns.

Looking at La Plana, when Sierra Espadán sees the sea, there is Villavieja, important for its rich medicinal waters and health resorts.

These districts (La Plana Alta and La Plana Baixa) possess in municipalities of their inner land as Vilafames,Vila-Real or Onda an extensive history and an artistic patrimony worthy of a detailed visit.

Contiguous to this district we can find l'Alcalatén, with interesting municipalities like l ´Alcora with the museum of ceramic that it picks up the wide tradition of the place, so much of the Real Factory of the Count of Aranda (18 and 19th ceturies) and contemporary ceramic, or Lucena, town with excellent sources very appreciated by the vacationers.

Palancia River has innumerable spring fountains. The first spring is Cloticos in Bejis, town that keeps an interesting Roman aqueduct. Viver, Jerica , Altura - tourist towns in this region - see the Palancia flowing till Segorbe - capital of the region and Episcopal see - which opens its doors to arrive in Navajas, birthplace of inner tourism in our country and chosen place for summer holidays during centuries due to the high number of springs and the quality of its waters. This large river leaves the province flowing through Sot de Ferrer, a village with a beautiful landscape containing a slope to the Calvary very typical in this area.

Castellón continuously invites to discover its places and feel nature which are two typical privileges of inner Castellón. Visiting its villages, is like making a route through its history, enjoying real natural museums, watching the beauty of its palaces, large houses, churches, walls and turrets with extraordinary works of art that include Iberian and Roman archeological remains, gothic reredoses and the latest contemporary art strikingly represented in the Museum of Vilafames.

Its authentically original festivals are very interesting. Apart from these there are some other exceptional ludic activities for example, The Music Week and the Medieval Market in Morella, The Trumpet Week in Navajas, The Choral Festival of Valencian Music in Segorbe or the performance of the Western Schism in Sant Mateu.

"Costa Azahar", also, it has a wide net of paths that allow the visitor to be integrated in the nature bringing near to places which is impossible to acces otherwise. The practice of multiple sport and adventure activities such as: escalade, paragliding, descent of ravines, journeys on horseback, mountain bike, speleology, orientation, etc., they allow the traveler to enjoy their favourite activity getting into spectacular places, where thick forests, mediterranean landscapes and rural mountains will offer all their splendor and in which you will be able to find good sources of fresh water where to quench your thirst.

This whole rich baggage is dressed by an exceptional, rich and varied gastronomy typical of this land, elaborated with natural products.

The inner land of Castellón, is diverse with a lot of attractiveness which must be known in a calm way. In them we can contemplate the big natural attractiveness that offer, as well as the many towns that have not been named and in which the traveler will discover a great cultural legacy next to uses and customs that survive to the passage of time being these lands an exceptional place to spend a different holiday in contact with the rural world many times intact.

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