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Castellon lies on the Mediterranean coast and is the northernmost of the provinces that go to from the Community of Valencia.

The Costa del Azahar is an area of great contrasts, as any traveller who heads there in search of something more than the typical tourist attractions will soon find out.
Some of these contrasts are a direct result of the typical geographic phenomena. Although the capital of the province is known as Castellon de la Plana, the province as a whole is more mountainous than flat. In addition, as opposed to the coastline, which takes the form of an endless carpet of greenery with orange plantations intertwined, the inland landscape is of a more rugged and wild nature. There are areas steeped in history and full of fine monuments, as well as extraordinarily beautiful sites which, luckily, have not been spoilt by the hand of man and which are the same today as they were many hundreds of years ago.

All of this makes Castellon (Costa del Azahar) the ideal province to visit, for it is here that the traveller will constantly find sufficient reason to believe that his holidays have not been in vain. The magnificent orange plantations and a well-developed tourist industry are particularly important characteristics of this coastline. Nevertheless, moving inland along well maintained roads there are still more surprises to be encountered.

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