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The festivities in Tarragona begin in January with "Els tres tombs", a horse exhibition. Carnival gives way to the Holy Week, which includes a solemn religious procession on Good Friday.
Sant Jordi, 23rd of April, and the Feast of Corpus Christi are the prelude to summer festivities such as Sant Joan (24th of June), Sant Pere (29th of June) in El Serrallo and Mare de Déu del Carme (16th of July), together with the Fireworks Contest and the Summer Festivals in the Camp de Mart Auditorium next to the Roman Walls. On the 19th of August, Sant Magí's day is celebrated, but it is on the 23rd of September when the city celebrates its major saint's day, Santa Tecla. On these days everybody gathers in the street to enjoy the traditional characters of the town's festival: Diables -people disguised as devils dancing with big sparklers and firecrackers-, the Medieval Beasts, Nans i Gegants, Colles Castelleres, as well as the Ball de Bastons and Dames i Vells, both traditional regional dances from among others.

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