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The countryside of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) can be defined as one of great contrasts. There are unspoilt areas of great beauty and interest: to the south, the Delta del Ebre Nature Park and the Ports de Tortosa-Besseit National Reserve, and to the west, the Prades Mountains.

The latter have large forested areas in which picturesque villages exist in harmony with the nature surrounding them.

Between these two areas we find the Serra del Montsant, a mountain range which contrasts with the previously mentioned landscapes for its lack of vegetation and animal life. The scenery is one of majestic rocks, nooks and crannies in which to shelter or hide and picturesque hermitages. You can imagine yourself in another age when these mountains were shared by bandits and those in search of peace and tranquillity. On the planes of the interior we discover a land of agriculture, mainly wine-producing, dotted with tiny, isolated settlements and small hills covered in pine trees. Other features of this area are stone houses, Romanesque and Gothic monuments, buildings in the style of the modernist architects and small towns which serve as social, cultural and commercial centres for the interior counties.

On the coast we also find great contrasts, with light as the common denominator. There are towns that have grown up offering a wide variety of services and facilities designed to satisfy the most discerning visitor. Some of these former fishing villages have become real tourist "meccas". We can, however, still find small towns where the main source of income is the sea, whose growth is orderly and controlled and where the objective is to preserve the best of the bygone days of these typical fishing ports..

The beaches are long and wide and slope gently into the sea, with few rocky outcrops. The sand is fine, golden and clean, as are the clear waters of the sea.

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