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Sports in Almeria

The way to the XV Mediterranean Games Almería 2005 has strengthened the basis of sport in Almería and has provided the top-class sport of the province with important structures, both in individual and collective disciplines.

As for team sports, Almería has two football clubs playing in Second Division in the so-called best football league of the world: Polideportivo Ejido and Unión Deportiva Almería. On an individual level, Almería has provided the "Stars League" with some players, such as Héctor Berenguel playing for Deportivo de la Coruña and reaching the Champions League.

One of the leading sports in Almería is volleyball, partially due to the success reaped by Club Unicaja Almería. It is the team that has won most prizes in modern volleyball in Spain, being the champion of the last editions of the National League and King's cup competitions. Several players of this team, significantly the Almerian players Carlos Carreño and Manuel Berenguel, have played for the Spanish team in numerous occasions.

Handball is also widely practised in the province. The greatest success has been achieved by the female team and the Vícar Goya team, which remains for the fourth year in the first division. It has also has reached the European Competition on two occasions. As for male teams, Club Ciudad de Roquetas has just completed its first and historical contribution to the ASOBAL League, to which it wishes to come back soon. Basketball has achieved great moments for Almerian sport, its leading representative in the EBA League being El Ejido CB

Individual categories included in the Mediterranean list also account for work and sports success. Weight-lifting is one of the categories that has lately brought great success to the people of Almería with the medals obtained by Pepi Pérez Carmona.

Athletics has also proved to be an outstanding discipline in Almería and there are many young people aiming at achieving success in Almería 2005; a success as recently reaped by cyclist Juan Martínez Oliver, present manager of the professional team 'Jazztel Costa de Almería', which Almerian cyclist Carlos Golbano also belongs to.

This review of outstanding names in Almerian sport cannot forget about the discipline of sailing, which has experienced a tremendous growth in the province) during the last few years. Mariano Sarmiento, as a member of the pre-Olympic Spanish team, heads a generation where the Fresneda Brothers, Raúl de Valenzuela, Rogelio Villanueva or José Latorre a leading role.

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