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In Almeria it is therefore possible to find modern and bustling tourist centres as well as those natural areas where man has scarcely left his mark.

Virtually unspoiled beaches overlooked by stunning cliffs, big beaches with fine sand, mountain ranges that cross the province from east to west and the only genuine desert in continental europe are just some of the striking features of Almería´s natural environment.

In the interior of Almería can be found a desert landscape, which has been used as the backdrop for many Westerns as well as the classic “Lawrence of Arabia” or "Indiana Jones and the las Crusader". Here you can pay a visit to visit Mini Hollywood, which is very close to Tabernas..(Natural Place Tabernas Desert)

It was perhaps due to the beautiful scenery or the geographic situation that many different civilisations came to Almeria in the course of history. Important archaeological remains discovered in the province have helped researchers understand and realise the existence of very ancient cultures. Cueva Ambrosio, Los Letreros, Los Millares and El Algar are all landmarks in the prehistoric evolution of Spain. Almeria also contains traces of the Tartessos, Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians. The Romans, who arrived here from about the 3rd century BC, named the capital Almeria Portus Magnus, and dominated the area until the late arrival of the Visigoths in the 7th century. Nevertheless, the influence of the Arabs, who held these lands for nearly eight centuries, was the most important of them all. Following the first Yemeni settlements in the vicinity of Pechina (the Bayyana of the Arabs), the Moslems, Christians and Jews succeeded in living together in harmony.

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